We have benefited tremendously from CentrePoint’s help, learning a great deal under their detailed and concise tuition.

Justine Pearson, PIP Organic


Developed in 1999, Bar-Stat is a Microsoft Access based package designed to solve the particular problems associated with preparing Chambers accounts.  It combines information from a number of sources, does calculations on it, and then produces monthly statements for individual members.

Bar-Stat works in conjunction with Sage 50 Accounts.  It uses ODBC to seamlessly gather together billing information directly from Sage.

The key advantage of the package is that it is based on the principle that any transaction should only need to be entered
once – in Sage.

Traditionally, chambers that have used Sage have needed to double enter many transactions.

Bar-Stat takes care of:
              -  Charging rent/rates etc. to members – using floor space occupied of fixed desk rents
              -  Charging chambers expenses – as percentages of free income
              -  Recharging any individual expenditure
              -  Making any necessary adjustments
              -  Producing printed statements
              -  Posting invoice values back to Sage customer account for each member


Contact CentrePoint Software on 020 7831 3050 for a demonstration of Bar-Stat to see how this seamlessly integrates with Sage 50 Accounts