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Justine Pearson, PIP Organic

Sage Financial Forecasting

Accurate forecasting is key to business growth and success.  It not only helps you and your business plan effectively for the future, it also gives you a powerful tool for managing the present.

Sage 50 Financial Forecasting allows you to create forecasts for your business that can be either as detailed or as high level as you need.  This software allows you to explore all angles of your business. 


Sage 50 ForecastingSage 50 Financial Forecasting enables you to:

  Bullet Point  Explore future growth opportunities

  Bullet Point  Incorporate your forecasts into your business plans


Explore future growth opportunities

Using advanced ‘What If’ scenarios you can produce quick accurate financial forecasts on any business idea:

   -  What if staff salaries are increased
   -  What if sales grew by 10% per year
   -  Predict where you want to be in 1 year, 5 years or even 50 years
   -  You can create your strategy around your ideas knowing the
      financial impact
   -  Explore risks and opportunities without affecting your core
      financial data 

Incorporate your forecasts into your business plan

The professional quality of your forecasts can be vital to encourage funding for your business:

   -  Support your ideas with accurate planning
   -  Present professional forecasts to reflect your business
   -  Know that the information you present is based on your actual
      financial situation


Sage 50 Forecasting lets you:
>  Produce real time forecasts
>  Save time and increase accuracy by linking to existing data sets
    rather than manually re-entering data
>  Link to Excel, Instant Accounts, Sage 50 Accounts, Sage Payroll
    and more
>  Keep your data in the same structure as your accounts using
    departmental data
>  Produce clear finance reports to help fund and manage your
>  Present your Profit & Loss, balance sheet and cash flow in
    professional graphs
       -  Incorporate into your business plans
       -  Support your business in gaining funding from investors and
          bank managers
       -  Export graphs into Excel and save as a PDF
       -  Drill down on the information within the graphs for more
          detailed analysis 


Sage 50 Financial Forecasting Case Study

Scorpion Automotive is a big worldwide brand, which has for many tears been associated with quality innovative products supplied to the automotive industry. 

Mark Downing, Managing Director at Scorpion Elector Systems describes how using Sage 50 Financial Forecasting has allowed him to control his business during their growth period.


“I have tried several Forecasting packages, but the best system I’ve ever come across is Sage 50 Financial Forecasting – I can recommend it unreservedly to anyone who wants to get their business under control.”
Mark Downing, Managing Director, Scorpion Electro Systems.

Download the full case study.


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