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Sage 50 Payroll: Auto Enrolment

Auto Enrolment is a set of duties to make sure all eligible employees automatically become members of a qualifying pension scheme with a high enough level of contributions.  This means new responsibility for the employer such as:

  Sage 50 Payroll: Auto Enrolment
    Bullet Point  Workforce assessment
    Bullet Point  Provision & Auto Enrolment into a qualifying scheme
    Bullet Point  Facilitating opting out and refunds
    Bullet Point  Record Keeping 

Under Auto Enrolment the employer must contribute towards their employee’s pensions scheme and the minimum contribution amounts for both the employer and the employee are being phased in gradually.

This new legislation will make a big change to the way you manage your employee’s pensions; and the legislation carries with it a significant amount of administrative obligations.  


Time Frames

Employers must commence with Auto Enrolment responsibilities from your staging date.  A staging date is defined by the number of employees in a business PAYE scheme, as at 1st April 2012.

Contact CentrePoint Software on 020 7831 3050 to find out when your staging date is.


Sage 50 Payroll: Auto Enrolment Edition

Sage has released a new Sage 50 Payroll: Auto Enrolment Edition which has been designed with features to help you get prepared for the legislation change.  The new features are: 

Bullet Point  Pensions Centre

All the knowledgeable, tools and resources you need to create the most  seamless and stress free move into Auto Enrolment for your business in the most user friendly format possible. 

What are the benefits?

    -  Enter the staging date into the Pensions Centre and create your personalised Action Plan based on The
       Pensions Regulator’s best practice and Sage Research to help you get prepared and stay on track.
    -  Set up your Pensions quickly and easily with Fast-track Pensions: with direct access to leading Pensions
       Providers from Sage 50 Payroll.
    -  Understand the cost of Automatic Enrolment on your business by calculating the contributions and trying
    -  Create reminders to keep everyone up to date with what needs to be done and export to Outlook. 
    -  Access all of the Auto Enrolment information you need in the best format for you


Bullet Point  HMRC Reconciliation

HMRC reconciliation quickly provides all the information you need to answer your payroll queries on data and values sent to HMRC quickly, effectively and without stress.

What are the benefits? 

    -  Always have all of your HMRC information to hand with a quick view of all of your previous submissions
    -  Easily tailor your RTI reports to give you exactly the information you need, report by submission and individual
       employee to save you time.
    -  Quickly access all of your RTI related reports in one place 


Contact us on 020 7831 3050, where you can speak to one of our experienced consultants to see how Sage 50 Payroll: Auto Enrolment Edition can benefit your business, and to find out what your upgrade options are.


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