Sage 50 Payroll

Whether you’re a start-up or a large enterprise, Sage Payroll software enables you to manage your entire payroll process from everyday tasks such as paying your staff and maintaining your employee records. 

Sage Payroll will save you time and give you more control over your payroll process, but you’ll have greater peace that you’re up to speed with the latest employment legislation, such as Automatic Enrolment.  All Sage Payroll software is accredited by HM Revenue & Customs.


                                              ‘1 in 4 employees are paid by a Sage Payroll Solution’

                         ‘7.6m employees were paid by a Sage Payroll solution in the 2012/13 tax year’


There are two versions of Sage Payroll products to choose from depending on different business needs 

           Bullet Point  Sage Instant Payroll

           Bullet Point  Sage 50 Payroll


Contact us on 020 7831 3050, where you can speak to one of our experienced consultants or arrange a wed demonstration to see which version is right for you. 


Sage Instant Payroll

Company size:  1 – 10 employees

Number of users:  Single user

Support Options:  2 levels of support to choose from



Operating Systems: Windows XP (recommended), Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8


Sage 50 Payroll

Company size:  1 – unlimited employees

Number of users:  Unlimited

Support Options:  One level of support



Operating Systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista


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