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Justine Pearson, PIP Organic



Limefresh makes sharp progress with Act!.  In a digital age it’s easy to think of printed magazines as a thing of the past.  Limefresh shows they’re anything but.  In fact, they are central to this Hampshire-based publishing and media company’s ongoing success.  Success that according to Limefresh’s founder, Maurice Snowdon, is down to one thing "…. customer relationship management".


Since its launch in 2011 the company has gone from strength to strength to become the South’s fastest-growing media company, managing and meeting the needs of over 800 regular advertisers across its stable of publications.

No easy task without powerful back office systems … and that’s where Act! comes in.


“On a daily basis, Act! let’s us connect with existing and potential advertisers at just the right time,” says Maurice, “as we don’t want to bother them with too much contact.  It also means we don’t spend too long trying to sell space to someone who isn’t currently interested in advertising.”


Being able to send emails to groups about last minute special offers and see a customer’s website and social networks using Act! are key benefits for the Limefresh sales team, but there’s something else that Maurice sees as even more important.


“Using Act! brings reality to our sales figures by allowing us to measure the weight of each opportunity.  Just because somebody tells you they are going to advertise doesn’t mean they will,” says Maurice.


Having a ‘realistic’ picture to work to has not only contributed to the year-on-year growth of Limefresh, but has also been instrumental in determining its long-term future. 

With the injection of private equity investment, Limefresh is all set for rapid expansion, which should see it turn into a multi-million pound media company in the near future.  Maurice already has his eyes on several other magazine titles he’s keen to purchase from other publishers.

And with high-visibility PR opportunities on the horizon, thanks to an imminent deal with Ben Ainslie Racing, who is providing the British challenge in the 2017 America’s Cup yacht race … the future’s looking particularly buoyant for Limefresh.


“We began using Act! pretty much from the start, after I’d visited a client who said “You have to use this”.  It proved its worth immediately and we’ve updated each year ever since.  It does everything we need it to do and we use it up to 16 hours a day.  Act! is now integral to the business and we wouldn’t be without it.
We’ve tailored the program to our needs over time, so we get real value from it.  And we go on training courses to learn more about new aspects of it when we need.

We did look around at other products a few years ago,” admits Maurice, “but we’ve been using Act! for a long time now so we have faith in it.  It works well for us and given that we’ve built a strong relationship with Swiftpage, we are very happy to stay with it.

I’m surprised there are still companies out there who don’t realise the value of a system like this and are still using Excel spreadsheets to manage the customer or client-side of their business,” Maurice Snowdon, Founder & Director, Limefresh. 


Bullet Point  Results

The impact Act! has had on Limefresh has been impressive and is one of the main reason why Maurice has been able to transform the company from a one-man start-up into a 25-strong company with a core portfolio of four regularly produced magazines.  These are just some of the numbers behind that story that are down to using Act!: 

      -  Increase in the number of phone calls made by the Limefresh sales team 
         each day up 50%+
      -  Reduction in the length of buying cycle from first contact to sale down by
         over 40%
      -  Uplift in sales revenue from each advertiser through improved long-term 
         relationship 90% higher
      -  Increase advertiser numbers attributable to using Act! up 75% 
      -  Daily time saving achieved by each sales person by using Act! approximately
         90 minutes
      -  Reduction in number of inputting errors down 60%


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