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Sage 200 Software Update Required for Making Tax Digital (MTD) Compliancy - Important Information

We hope that you are aware that from 1st April 2019, VAT registered businesses must submit their VAT return through the New Making Tax Digital (MTD) system.

It is important that you make sure your Sage 200 software will be compliant for VAT returns after 1st April 2019.


   -  Step 1

You need to know your compliancy date, and check with HMRC if you have specific VAT considerations
What month will your first MTD VAT return be submitted?

Your first MTD submission will be dependent on your VAT Quarter/Month start & end dates - please review this article

*There are some exceptions - HMRC have recently announced that for some organisations the MTD deadline is now moved to 1st October 2019

6 month Deferral: published 2nd November 2018: please review this article

If you think you might meet any of the categories HMRC have given for deferment, or if your VAT records in Sage 200 are in a different currency to your VAT filing currency, please contact HMRC ASAP to confirm the date HMRC need you to be compliant by, and if currency is a consideration how you will file returns under MTD.  


   -  Step 2

Agree timings and form an action plan for you to be Sage 200 ready for your first MTD submission.

All Sage 200 versions prior to Spring 2018 Release (v12.00.0013) will need an update to be MTD compliant, either by:

-  Upgrading your version of Sage 200 to MTD supported release, or
-  If you do not wish to upgrade, or are not ready to upgrade, you can purchase a
   subscription for the MTD module Sage offer, and charged according to your current
   version of Sage 200 


Most clients will upgrade their Sage 200, because the latest version: Sage 200 (2019) includes MTD compliance as well as many new features.  Sage have released 4 software updates in just the last 13 months!


Attend our free Sage 200 Workshop, where we show the software enhancements, explain the upgrade process and discuss MTD.  The next 'User Workshop' with spaces available is Tuesday 7th July 2020. 
Register for this workshop via our registration page


To discuss making your Sage 200 software Making Tax Digital (MTD) compliant contact CentrePoint on 020 78313 050.  Act now to make sure your first MTD VAT return is compliant in time!

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