Payroll Year End 2016

PYE 2016
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Payroll Year End 2016

At the end of each tax year you must submit your end of year declarations to HMRC and provide a P60 to all employees still working with you.

Key dates over year end:

    bullet point  5th April 2016:  Tax year ends

    bullet point  6th April 2016:  New tax year starts

    bullet point  19th April 2016:  Deadline for final submissions of 2015/2016 tax year, 
                                    including your end of year declarations.

    bullet point  20th April 2016:  From this date you can submit an earlier year update (EYU) to
                                    HMRC to notify them of corrections to the 2015/2016 year.


View our short video explaining the 4 steps to complete your PYE.

Step 1:  Make sure your software is up to date

             Before you process your year end and start the new tax year, you must install
             your year end updates.

Step 2:  Prepare for your year end

             Before processing your year end, you must finish your payroll as normal.

Step 3:  Process your year end

             Check that you're ready, then follow the simple steps to complete your year end.

Step 4:  Get ready for the new tax year

             The new tax year starts on 6th April 2016.  Before you process in this tax year,
             you must complete a few simple tasks to set up your software


                       4 steps to process your Payroll Year End (PYE 2016)


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