Sage 50 Excel: Part 1 - Sage Reporting and Live Link with Excel


Sage 50 Accounts Training in London
7 Pepys Street (Tower of London), London, EC3N 4AF

Whilst the course: Sage 50 Accounts Reporting with Microsoft Excel, is still available CentrePoint has now broken this down into 2 day sessions:

       -  Sage 50 Excel: Part 1 - Sage Reporting and Live Link Excel
       -  Sage 50 Excel: Part 2 - Creating Pivot Reports Linked to Sage Data

You can spend more time on working through examples and focus in on different aspects of the syllabus. 


Sage 50 Excel: Part 1 - Sage Reporting and Live Link Excel 

This course is open to all and looks at how you can be selective in what you send from Sage to Excel by using filters and changing screen layouts.  It also covers using the Sage Excel integrated reporting and how users can customise the various Sage reports to better suit their own needs. 


This course covers:

Sending Basic Information from Sage Screens to Excel
   -  Selecting Columns to send to Excel
   -  Selecting Rows or Records (Quick Filter)
   -  Selecting Rows or Records (Search Filter)

Saving Sage reports to Excel
   -  Saving previewed reports

Using Sage Integrated Reporting
   -  Setting up links to Company data in Sage Integrated Reporting
   -  Copying Standard Reports to be used in Sage Integrated Reporting

Excel Sage Integrated Reporting and Modifying existing Reports to suit your needs

Excel Sage Integrated Reporting Functions

Using Microsoft Query
   -  Selecting Tables and Criteria Options
   -  Editing or changing a query
   -  External Data Properties
   -  Connection Properties
   -  Amending Parameters and Run Time Options
   -  Using filters on Returned Data Tables
   -  Generating Subtotals


This course costs from £375 and you will receive your own PC, training manual, buffet lunch and refreshments.  (All prices exclude VAT)

All delegates will receive a memory stick to take away examples and workings which can be loaded to your own systems.

Training Venue:
Double Tree by Hilton London - Tower of London
7 Pepys Street, London, EC3N 4AF

To discuss your needs and see if this course is suitable please contact us on 020 7831 3050 or email:


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