Sage CRM Range

There are three versions of Sage CRM to choose from:

Each version has different features to manage different size/types of businesses.  You can contact our experienced consultants on 020 7831 3050 to discuss your needs to see which version is the right fit for your business.  


Bullet Point  Sage CRM Essentials 

Sage CRM Essentials is an ideal solution for growing businesses looking for a smarter way to manage their customer interactions across the entire sales process.  A powerful and intuitive solution, Sage CRM is ideal for sales people who want to focus their efforts on selling.

Sage CRM is designed to help you get a better view of your sales pipeline, improve your forecast accuracy, and boost the productivity of everyone on your team.  With easy access to your key customer information, even when on the road, you and your sales team can make the most of every sales opportunity, close deals faster and collaborate on key opportunities for more effective selling.

And as your central customer database, it will help maximize collaboration between everyone in your business and help your teams work together more effectively.


Sage CRM Essentials 


  -  Sales force automation 


  -  Customer and contact management 


  -  Lead and opportunity management 


  -  Sales forecasting 


  -  Quotes and orders 


  -  Sales dashboards 


  -  Reporting 


  -  Outlook integration 


  -  Fully featured mobile CRM 


  -  Sales Trader for Windows 8 


  -  Social CRM 


  -  Business Collaboration powered by Yammer


Benefits to your business:

  -  Get started quickly with an intuitive and easy to use


  -  Boost the productivity of your sales team with a single
     view of leads, opportunities, tasks and activities


  -  Track sales throughout the sales process with a visual
     sales pipeline


  -  Make accurate decisions based on valuable information
     with powerful reporting and forecasting tools


  -  Gain insight into sales and employee performance


  -  Collaborate effectively and sell as a team


  -  Get the information you need in the office or on the

Download the comprehensive Sage CRM Range brochure.


Bullet Point  Sage CRM Professional

Sage CRM Professional is an easy to use affordable solution for small and medium sized companies that need CRM which adapts to their business needs.  A contemporary user experience and intuitive design helps boost the productivity of every individual in you company, so everyone can remain focused on driving success and growing the business.

Sage CRM Professional offers a wide range of features designed to support your current and future needs.  It offers more than just great sales, marketing and customer service management features; it also delivers rich mobile functionality, social CRM capabilities, internal business collaboration tools and more.  


Sage CRM Professional


  -  Sales force automation


  -  Lead and opportunity management


  -  Sales forecasting


  -  Quotes and orders


  -  Sales Dashboards


  -  Reporting analysis


  -  Campaign management


  -  Customer profiling and analysis


  -  Case management


  -  Solutions / Knowledgebase


  -  Interactive dashboards


  -  Outlook integration


  -  Fully featured mobile CRM


  -  Sales Tracker for Windows 8


  -  Social media integration


  -  Business collaboration powered by Yammer


Benefits to your business:

  -  Accelerate your sales performance: simplify the sales
     process making the most of every opportunity


  -  Gain valuable business insight: access real-time critical
     business information


  -  Targeted measurable marketing: use information about
     customer and prospects to create campaign lists with
     the highest potential for success


  -  Deliver exceptional customer service: case
     management, a centralised knowledge base and
     powerful reporting


  -  Manage what matters in your business: with Sage CRM
     builder you can adapt Sage CRM to your individual
     needs by building new business modules to manage
     any area of your business


  -  Mobilise your teams: with Sage CRM your mobile
     workers can access critical customer information in
     real-time, on any device regardless of where they are.

Download the comprehensive Sage CRM Range brochure.


Bullet Point  Sage CRM On-Premise

Sage CRM On-Premise enables you to become more productive by using mobile CRM to access key customer information on the road.  Sage CRM On-Premise enables you to achieve a single customer-centric view of your company by integrating with Sage ERP.

Key differentiators for Sage CRM On-Premise Edition:

  -  Advanced customisations
  -  Advanced email management
  -  Support for Sage CRM for Android
  -  Integration with Sage ERP
  -  Support for MailChimp email marketing 
  -  Business Accelerators for Sales
  -  Web self-service 

Download the comprehensive Sage CRM Range brochure.


Contact us on 020 7831 3050 to speak to one of our experienced consultants to discuss your needs and see which version is the right for your business


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