NEW - Sage CRM v7.3

Sage CRM v7.3 offers customers a host of exciting new features and enhancements as well as a contemporary user experience and intuitive design.  The latest release provides everyone in your business with easy access to the information they need to close sales faster and make every customer interaction count, no matter where they are.


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Business Accelerators for sales

Business Accelerators for Sales offer a suite of new functionality to drive productivity right across your sales team by helping them to close sales faster, with the insight they need.  Additionally, they enable management to make critical sales performance assessments and design rapidly. 
The new features include:

Bullet Point  A range of preconfigured alerts and notifications to ensure managers are getting real time updates on their 
    business KPIs as they happen

Bullet Point  A new alternative quick sale workflow to suit shorter sales processes

Bullet Point  Enhancements to the existing sales workflows in Sage CRM, including new rules for cross-selling opportunities
    and capturing details about deals lost

Bullet Point  New sales dashboards that display a range of new charts, reports and leaderboards for better insight and trend

Bullet Point  New KPI charts to help you identify and measure your organisation’s successful activities for greater sales
    performance analysis

Sage CRM Reporting screenshot


A fresh, new contemporary look and feel

The new design of Sage CRM will help you become more productive and access all the information you need quickly and easily.  It delivers a new interface with a cleaner navigation menu, a new icon set, new fonts and headers and new colours and styles.


An optimised mobile CRM experience

The mobile CRM solutions has been updated to include one optimised mobile experience for all modern devices.  It enables you to access your key CRM data anywhere, anytime on any mobile device.

New features and a brand new look and feel to the Sage CRM for iPhone  sale app has been introduced.  Using this sales app you can access important customer data, even when out of coverage.  No matter their location, sales professionals will always have quick and reliable mobile access to their Sage CRM data, tasks and appointments.  Sage CRM v7.3 also supports the mobile sales app for Android phones.

Sage CRM Remote Workforce  

Email marketing with MailChimp

Sage CRM v7.3 offers customers more choice to meet their email marketing needs with a new integration with MailChimp so you can easily create, send, and track email marketing campaigns.  Using the new MailChimp integration, you will be able to quickly and easily create a new, targeted email campaigns by selecting from saved templates in MailChimp and the list you want to send it to.

Once you have sent your campaigns you can gain valuable insight into the results, such as how many people opened the email campaign and see exactly what they clicked.  Best of all? MailChimp is free for lists of up to 2,000 subscribers.


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Contact CentrePoint Software on 020 7831 3050 or email: to find out what your upgrade options are, and to see if you qualify for an upgrade offer


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