Use Maximizer CRM 2015 to grow the profitability of your business with enhanced deployment flexibility, increased data mining tools for real-time business intelligence and simplified, all accessible on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Quick to deploy, learn and use, Maximizer CRM 2015 delivers a complete and robust solution, centralising data whilst streamlining business processes.  Harnessing this power allows you to rapidly optimise your level of productivity, performance and profitability.

Main Product Features:

Sales Force Automation

Optimise opportunities, drive revenue and increase repeat business with improved forecast accuracy and visibility into your sales pipeline and performance.


Marketing Automation

Generating high-quality leads and optimise your marketing-sales funnel, by automating marketing activities and identifying inbound and content marketing strategies that offer a positive return on investment.


HubSpot Connector 

Improve your marketing lead generation and quality, providing sales with invaluable lead intelligence for shorter sales cycle and icreased conversion rates, driving a positive return on invesment. 


Customer Service & Support 

Improve service quality and resolve issues faster, with case management and monitoring tools that help maximize productivity and optimise resources.

Business Intelligence 

Proactively adjust tactics to effectively manage day-to-day operations, refine processes, resolve potential issues and leverage opportunities, using real-time management information dislpayed via wizard driven dashboards or the new excel reports library. 


Anywhere, Anytime Access 

Reduce downtime and work productively and effectively from anywhere - whether it's in the office, from home, in remote offices or on the road. 


Social CRM 

Build dynamic social profiles of customers and prospects, by linking directly to relevant social networks using unique URL linked user defined fields. 


Customisation & Integration 

Easily customise to mirror your business processes as they evolve and integrate to leverage information from other front and back-end systems. 


Microsoft Integration 

Communicate more effectively and easily with seamless integration with Microsoft applications, inlcuding Outlook, Office, and SharePoint.  Plus, maximise the Excel reports library for instant business intelligence. 


Workflow Automation 

Streamline processesd and reduce manaul work for frontline staff and ensure critical tasks are completed, by monitoring business activities. 


Bulet Point  Generate more marketing leads

Maximizer MarketingUsing the new text editor, which allows you to copy content from Microsoft Word and Outlook while maintaining formats such as bullet points, text font and size, including the insertion of
tables, as well as import HTML code to embed images.  Alternatively, maximise the new responsive email templates, including merging fields from landing pages, to ensure accurate personalisation and visual display, to view the email.  Plus, the new Anti-Spam tool records and manages ‘do not solicit’ requests ensuring emails are never sent to individuals who have opted-out while the updated email editor records the communication preferences of each contact.


Bullet Point  Secure more sales

Use the innovative new Opportunities tab to gain sales insight quickly and simply with a complete history of customers, prospects and leads from just one place.  Now you can edit and work with your pipeline in the same way as you work with your existing customers in the Address Book, including URL drive User Defined Fields for instant access to a contact’s social media profiles.  Harnessing the abundant power and data available from social media sites and with the improved lead and intelligence provided by the HubSpot Connector, sales teams can target individuals with unique offers to improve sales conversion rates and drive new business revenues.  Plus, with Sales Automation and pipeline management, effective prospecting for cross-sell and upsell opportunities is quick and easy, and you can maximize your sales win rates.


Bullet Point  Access you CRM anywhere, anytime

Seamlessly access crucial customer information and sales leads and monitor new business opportunities on your mobile device anytime, anywhere, without giving up functionality or performance.  With easy search capabilities, you are just one click away from your key contacts and all accounts histories, giving you the ability to maximize a sales opportunity or resolve a customer service issue instantly.

Maximizer Anywhere


Bullet Point  Provide an unrivalled customer service

See ALL your customer interactions in one place with the Customer Timeline, that consolidates all contact information, sales history and service issues within one clear chronological view.  Plus, with multi-value field, you can filter the entries displayed in the list to make is quicker and easier to find specific entries.  Drive efficiency and customer service by simplifying how different individuals across your organisation engage with you customers.


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