Maximizer Support

Even the best of products sometimes run into problems. That’s why we have car or house insurance. Sometimes it’s because we have done something wrong (we drive into the back of somebody, for example), sometimes it’s outside forces that cause the problem (such as stone that cracks your windscreen) and sometimes it’s just a matter of age and its time to trade in for a new model.



CentrePoint’s Support and Maintenance services help take the stress out of running your systems.

As and when problems are encountered we are on hand to help you resolve your problems quickly and with the minimum of disruption. Perhaps it’s 4.55pm and you need that pipeline report before your board meeting at 5 o’clock and you just can’t remember the process required to print your report. CentrePoint are here to help wherever possible.

And because you are assigned a primary support consultant, generally someone who has been involved in your project from day one, this means that you are always speaking to someone who knows your system best.

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