Maximizer Customisation

Maximizer Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software supports customisation at every level, to deliver the specific user interface and information required by your organisation to streamline processes and effectively leverage the skills of your staff.

The Maximizer Customisation Suite provides the flexibility you need to alter the software and interface to mirror your business processes as they evolve.

Using familiar programming languages and industry standards to integrate with your front and back-office applications, you can easily tailor Maximizer CRM to suit your requirements.

Through the interface, developers have everything they need to integrate, customise and extend the power of Maximizer CRM.


CentrePoint Software has a number of in-house developers who create many Maximizer
user specific add-ons and enhancements, ensuring that the software is best aligned to users
own specific needs and requirements.


To discuss your own specific needs and to find out what might be possible, contact us on 020 7831 3050.  Whatever the requirement, our consultants are interested in making the system as suitable as possible.


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