Maximizer CRM 2015

The latest release of Maximizer CRM continues to build on the theme of enhanced flexibility, business insight and data security, while maintaining Maximizer’s position in the market as one of the full-featured CRM systems, with quick deployment, multi-access and driven by 25 years of expertise. 

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To be successful your sales, customer service and marketing teams need access to critical customer information – anywhere and anytime.

Maximizer CRM 2015The Maximizer CRM 2015 release
speaks to this by providing enhancements and new features that make it easier to access information from all web enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets, more integrative features with Microsoft
Office applications and overall access and usability improvements through world class data centres, penetration tested for outstanding reliability and data security.


Key Improvements in Maximizer CRM 2015: 

    Bullet Point  Simplified for easy use and navigation
    Bullet Point  Account and contact management 
    Bullet Point  Improved key field and personalised data view 
Bullet Point  Data Auditing and data security management
        Meet new data protection legislation by managing your contacts email preferences with various unsubscribe
        options including; marketing and promotional emails, customer service notifications, newsletters and help
        and tops emails.
Bullet Point  Task alarm and calendar management
    Bullet Point  Sales forecasting and automation
        Save valuable time spent running reports and set up commonly-used reports that pull information from
        user-defined fields.  Use arithmetic, text and date/time and logic functions to quickly analyse potential sales
  Bullet Point  Enhance Opportunities Tab &Sales strategy planning
        Maximize the new Opportunities Module, to gain sales insight quickly and simply with a complete history of
        customers, prospects, and leads from just one place, which will allow you to edit and work with your
        prospects in the same way as you can work with your existing customers in the Address Book.  Use the new
        strategy tab to identify success factors, steps and activities taken and what actions are outstanding.
Bullet Point  Priority hotlist task planner

    Bullet Point  Marketing automation
        Maximizer’s built-in marketing tools mean you can simply and effectively plan, budget, execute, analyse and
        optimise all aspects of marketing, ensuring you spend your marketing budget wisely and directing resources
        to initiatives that generate proven returns

    Bullet Point  Task management and automation
    Bullet Point  New Email marketing text editor
        Create dynamic email templates in the new text editor, copying content from Microsoft Word and Outlook
        while maintaining formats such as bullet points, text font and size, including the insertion of tables
    Bullet Point  New Email marketing HTML coding editor
        Import HTML code or completed HTML templates directly in the email campaign dialogues, including images,
        which can be embedded into the code to ensure images display every time
    Bullet Point  Data legislation and anti-spam administrator 
    Bullet Point  HubSpot integration
        The Maximizer CRM: HubSpot Connector is a powerful tool that bridges the gap between Maximizer CRM and
        sales pipeline management and HubSpot, the all-in-one inbound marketing software.  With HubSpot, you can
        amplify your online marketing efforts, including measuring the effectiveness of your website, develop
        responsive landing pages, create informative blogs and schedule your social media activities across Twitter®,
        LinkedIn®, Facebook®, Google+®, Pinterest®, YouTube® and Xing®.

        All leads generated will seamlessly flow into your Maximizer CRM, putting HubSpot’s lead intelligence and
        prospect profile information into the hands of the Sales team.
    Bullet Point  Social media profiling
        Build dynamic social profiles of customers and prospects by linking directly to relevant social networks –
        obtaining up-to-date information.  With an additional channel of communication this may improve customer
        service and build customer loyalty.

    Bullet Point  Customer service management
        Shape your customer’s experience by providing your service and support teams with the information and tool
        to interact and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.  Automate processes, such as case assignment and
        notification, to keep you ahead of customer expectations.  For your customer services team add group titles,
        hide blank fields, and modify key fields dialogues to help organise the information important to the them at a
    Bullet Point  VOIP and IM for outgoing calls
    Bullet Point  Enhance Excel reporting tool and templates
    Bullet Point  Dashboard business intelligence
        Simple dashboard wizards in Maximizer CRM 2015 allows you to get a big-picture perspective, or a very
        detailed view, by easily creating and personalising dashboards to display the metrics most relevant to you,
        your staff and any other relevant personnel given permission.  Share key metrics, saving time and improving
        visibility across the organisation with the ability to email dashboards.
    Bullet Point  Microsoft Office and Outlook integration
    Bullet Point  Workflow Automation
        Action Plans and Workflow Automation, powered by KnowledgeSync, work together to streamline processes
        and reduce manual work for your frontline staff.  Automate repeatable step-by-step processes and improve
        productivity – providing everyone with the up-to-date notifications necessary to work smarter.
    Bullet Point  Accounting integration and eBusiness   


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