CRM for You - Marketing

Maximizer’s built-in marketing tool  mean can you simply and effectively plan, budget, execute, analyse and optimise all aspects of marketing, ensuring you spend your marketing budget wisely and directing resources to initiatives that generate proven returns.

Maximizer CRM provides a really comprehensive marketing system, with a simplified interface and personalised view menus to ensure it doesn’t daunt the user.  It is simple and easy to customise and access anywhere, anytime via the intuitive user interface optimised for the latest mobile technology.

The main benefits Maximizer CRM will bring to marketing in your business are:

           1)  Enhanced mail marketing tool

           2)  List management

           3)  Dynamic email marketing with workflow automation

           4)  Business intelligence in marketing

           5)  Email preferences and anti-spam management

           6)  Account management and company library

           7)  HubSpot Connector

           8)  Social media marketing

           9)  Web-lead generation tracking


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Enhanced mail marketing tool

Leverage the power of the built-in email marketing engine within Maximizer CRM to generate high-quality leads.  Eliminate costs associated with third-party email service providers and take control of your own email marketing campaigns.
     -  Create and apply dynamic email templates using the new text editor
     -  Responsive email templates – ensuring emails will present correctly no matter the device used to view them,
        including; mobile phones, tablets, laptops or desktops.
     -  Send targeted, relevant and personalised information to your contacts through newsletters, product
        announcements, promotions and event invitations, including personalisation of the subject field – all
        executed through automated email (html or plan text).


List management

Sending messages that are anticipated, personalised and relevant ensures that customers and prospects not only respond positively, but also perceive value in your organisation and continue to want to do business with you.
     -  Avoid the risks and costs associated with third-party email service providers and tightly manage your own
        lists, including opt-in and opt-out requests
     -  Combine entries to clean database with duplicate entry checking
     -  Comply with privacy, do-not-call and anti-spam legislation and avoid costly non-compliance penalties with
        staff alerts on records, and system enforcement in email marketing


Dynamic email marketing with workflow automation

Ensure that very lead is followed up on by scheduling automated ongoing communications, flagging critical milestones and monitoring team performance.

Set-up automated processes for lead management, such as automatically responding to web enquiries with a series of emails and alerting the appropriate sales representatives to follow up using the new alarm panel – from which sales can see all opportunities assigned.


Business Intelligence in marketing

Tap into campaign metrics to optimise sales opportunities in profitable market segments and benefit from the convenience of online campaign management functionality.
     -  Conduct trend analysis with 175 standard reports, including lead status summaries and sales revenues,
        customised column views and one-click export to Excel
     -  Stay advised of campaign progress with real-time mobile dashboards displaying metrics on you smartphone
     -  Automatically calculate campaign ROI – instantly see conversion rates, evaluate the cost of customer
        acquisition and interpret response rates to focus on what’s working
     -  Improve marketing productivity and identify what works


Email preferences and anti-spam management

Meet new data protection legislation by managing your contacts email preferences with various unsubscribe options including; marketing and promotional emails, customer service notifications, newsletters and help and tips

Maximizer ensures that emails are never sent to individuals who have opted-out by selecting the email type within the email editor and Maximizer will ensure the email is only sent to individuals with consent


Account management and company library

Lower your marketing and sales support costs by electronically distributing information and resources that your sales and service staff need to increase sales
     -  Share the latest marketing collateral and documents in any file format (including Microsoft Word®, Excel®,
        PowerPoint® and PDF) with sales and service staff through a searchable electronic document repository
     -  Keep staff informed of campaign activities related to each account for more effective selling and service
     -  Flag or remove accounts with outstanding service issues or deals before proceeding with a promotion


HubSpot Connector

With HubSpot, you can amplify your online marketing efforts, including measuring the effectiveness of your website, develop responsive landing pages, create informative blogs and schedule your social media activities across Twitter®, LinkedIn®, FaceBook®, Google+®, Pinterest®, YouTube® and Xing®.


Social Media marketing

Build dynamic social profiles of customers and prospects by linking directly to relevant social networks and contacts’ using web-linked URL profiles

Add web-to-lead forms to landing pages promoted on Facebook® and Twitter®, for automated lead generation feeding sales pipeline.


Web-lead generation tracking

Web marketing using Maximizer CRM’s Marketing Automation allows you to maximize the lead generation potential of your website through CRM web lead capture – importing leads captured through a web form directly into Maximizer CRM.

Maximizer CRM includes an easy-to-use, wizard-driven web from creation tool that guides you through the process of creating an online marketing form.


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