CRM for You - Customer Service & Support

Servicing customers effectively is a key component in growing your business through loyal, repeat buyers.  Whether it’s answering a question, resolving an issue, or modifying a product to meet user needs, customer satisfaction levels are critical to your bottom line.  Maximizer CRM provides an integrated platform for you and your staff to access and update information efficiently to resolve issues, and for managers to optimise resources, maximise productivity and increase customer satisfaction.


Bullet Point  Keep customers satisfied, loyal and profitable

-  Effectively track, manage and resolve all customer issues, including technical support, billing and returns
-  Resolve issues faster with easy access to a complete history of every customer in one central location
-  Track case assignments and escalations to ensure every issue is resolved so customer satisfaction remains high


Bullet Point  Track, manage and resolve customer service issues

-  Easily track details of customer problems by configuring case-related fields, such as product application or model
-  Easily search for customers using customisable mandatory User-Defined Fields, with specific issues to follow up
-  Use the improved functionality of adding group titles into Key Fields.  The group titles will help you organise your
   defined fields into an easy to view format, ensuring you view all the important information on your customer at
   a glance


Bullet Point  Automate processes to ensure high quality service

Automatically response to critical business activities and monitor staff performance with Workflow Automation, powered by KnowledgeSync, to ensure every customer service case gets the attention it deserves


Bullet Point  Resolve issues faster with resources stored in the knowledge base

Maximizer CRM Knowledge Base is a searchable online repository of information that enables customer service and support staff to resolve issues faster to keep customer satisfaction high

Reduce inbound calls by empowering partners and customers to help themselves, minimising your team’s
-  Reduce the time required to resolve service cases and trouble tickets


Bullet Point  Reduce workloads by providing self-service

With Maximizer CRM’s customer self-service, your customers are able to login to we portal that is integrated with your CRM system.

-  Reduce calls by giving customers and partners the ability to search your online Knowledge Base for product
   updates and answers to FAQs
Improve customer satisfaction by allowing customers to create and check the status of customer service cases


Bullet Point  Optimise resources and maximise productivity

-  Minimise errors with pre-populated fields in the customer case form, or allow for quick case creation based on
   incoming email
-  Save multiple emails to one single contact in one click
-  Respond faster and improve call productivity with computer telephony integration (CTI) which automatically
   identifies inbound callers directly within Maximizer CRM


Bullet Point  Gain visibility into team performance  to manage resources

Gain real-time visibility into your business with business intelligence.  Effectively make informed business decision with timely, accurate insight into your organisation.  Maximizer CRM delivers real-time visibility and actionable insights through robust business intelligence right out of the box.

-  Instantly view details of all outstanding cases sorted by representative, including elapsed time, priority level and
   status through powerful dashboards
-  Configure your own dashboards to display key performance indicators for a personalised view of metrics at a
-  Enhance your insight further by drilling down to view the data behind the metrics in a detailed list that can be
   formatted, sorted and exported to Excel
-  Recognise critical service issues that require immediate attention by setting up visual alert dashboards


Bullet Point  Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

For sales and service staff to collaborate effectively, capturing details of phone conversations is a critical piece of customer history.  With Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), using Maximizer CRM with a phone system maximises productivity on incoming and outgoing calls.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and Instant Messaging Improving on the existing CTI functionality you can now also use VOIP and IM integration to make a Skype or IM call direct from Maximizer and the Phone Call dialog box, to maximise productivity and reduce outbound telephone costs


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