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Maximizer CRM 2015 delivers real-time visibility and actionable insight through robust business intelligence right out of the box.  It provides managers and executive with critical sales, marketing and customer service information at a glance.

With Maximizer CRM’s wizard-driven dashboards, library of Excel reports and more than 175 out-of-the-box Crystal Reports® and Microsoft® SQL  Server Reporting Services (SSRS) templates – you have access to quantifiable insights that will improve your bottom line.


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      Bullet Point  Get big-picture perspective for rapid, sound-decision-making 

Wizard-Driven Dashboards
With real-time snapshots of individual, departmental and company performance, managers and executives can proactively adjust tactics, resources and follow-up activities to optimise success.  Personalised views of key performance indicators (KPIs) offer highly visual, easily interpreted business metrics. 


Formula User-Defined Fields: Calculated Values for Key Performance Indicators
-  Rapidly analyse performance based on metrics automatically derived from existing information contained in
   user-defined fields
-  Save valuable time spent on running reports and set up commonly-used formulas that pull information from
   other user-defined fields, to produce the specific metrics you need to see


Sales Opportunity Monitoring
-  Manage your sales pipeline effectively and increase your close ratio by staying informed
-  Keep tabs on your biggest deals and most valued customers by staying alerted to important changes in their

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       Bullet Point  Gain immediate business insight while on the road 

Mobile Dashboards

Maximiser Mobile CRM puts critical business information at your fingertips with mobile dashboards and reports accesses in real time through your smartphone


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       Bullet Point  Leverage built-in tools & functionality

The new Excel Reports offers a truly simplified means to access key business intelligence.  With a library of pre-designed report templates, you can select one of these reports, which will automatically generate a spreadsheet, allowing you to manipulate the data using the commonly used Excel tool, including pivot tables and graphs. 


Reports & templates Out-of-the-Box

Maximizer CRM 2015 features over 175 built-in standard reports that gather and present real-time data on everything from sales forecasts and marketing campaigns to account activities and phone logs.

-  Instantly export reports to Microsoft Excel for further analysis and data manipulation

-  Shared reports with colleagues in various formats including PDF, Word®, HTML and XML.


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       Bullet Point  Tailor metrics to your business processes

Customised reports

Extend out-of-the-box report templates and customise your own graphical and detailed reports with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and Crystal Reports®

-  Create and edit your own reports to gain further insight into customer behaviours, new business opportunities
   and operational inefficiencies

-  Uncover potential issues (recurrent service problems or poor sales performance), by setting up automatic alerts
   to trigger whenever certain criteria are met

-  Compare and analyse with data across other applications such as your accounting systems to get a complete view of relationship health and customer value

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       Bullet Point  Schedule and deliver reports online

Crystal Reports Server

-  Publish Crystal Reports to the web with a step-by-step publishing wizard

-  Reduce time spent manually running reports and offload resources to off-peak house by automating reports to run at specific times.  Schedule various output formats, including Excel, PDF, and RTF

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       Bullet Point  Key Reports Out-of-the-Box

Below are some of the key reports and dashboard key performance indicators (KPIs) provided with Maximizer CRM 12 Summer 2013 out-of-the-box, to help you get the real-time visibility you need right away.  Report templates are provided in Maximizer CRM reports, Crystal Reports or Microsoft SQL Reporting Services formats


Sales, Order, and Account Management Reports & Dashboard KPIs 

New Excel Reports

Other Reports


- Created Opportunities by Sales Rep


- Created Opporunitues by Revenue


- Created Opportunites by Time


- Opportunities by Status


- Opportunities by Stages


- Opportunities by Product


- Closed Opportunities by Sales Rep


- Closed Opportunities by Time


- Closed Opportunities by Revenues


- Opportunities Forecast



- Opportunity Pipeline (revenue by stage)

- Opporuntity Pipeline (weighted revenue)


- 30-60-90 day Pipeline

- Pipeline report - Probability of closing

- Win-Loss-Abandon analysis

- Sales Alert report (opporunities not closed)

- History (activities per opportunity)

- Forecast analysis

- Executive report (summary & details of sales by

- Opportunity column & detailed reports

- Account history/notes report

- Territory reports

- Phone log report

- New Opportunities created

- Closed Opportunities

- Active sales quotes, expiring quotes



Marketing & Lead Management
Reports & Dashboards KPIs 

New Excel Reports

Other Reports


- Leads and Customers


- Leads by Status


- Leads by Time


- Campaigns by Categories


- Campaigns by Products/Services


- Open Rates and Click Through Rates


- Revenue and Budget Statistics by Campaign


- Campaigns by Revenue by Categories & Products/Service


- Campaigns Revenue Trends



- Leads summary - by account manager manager, status


- Campaign summary


- Campaign response


- Campaign detailed reports


- Campaigns in progress


- Abandoned, suspended campaigns


- Daily leads addedd


Customer Service & Support Reports & Dashboard KPIs 

New Excel Reports

Other Reports


- Address book entries by Country Total


- Address book entries by Country & Account Manager


- Created and resolved Cases by Time


- Created Cases by Case Owner


- Resolved Cases by Case Owner


- Cases V Resolved Cases


- Cases by Product/Services


- Cases by Priortiy


- Overdue cases by queue, product, customer servcie

- Unassigned cases by queue or product

- Workload by customer service representative

- Case analysis by product, queue, origin, priority

- Case resolution analysis

- Case billing, assignments, monitor

- Customer Service & Support Case column & detailed

- Knowledge base summary & detailed reports

- Average number of cases per representative

- Average resolution time

- Cases entered, abandoned, resolved today

- Time & Personal Management Reports

- Personal organiser

- Hotlist Task check list

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