CRM for You

Maximizer Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an ‘out-of-the-box’ CRM package diverse enough to adapt to the way you work.  With a choice of editions and deployment options, it is equally suitable to a start-up company as it is to an organisation with up to 800 employees and thousands of customers. 

Often CRM software is seen only as a sales and marketing tool, however, Maximizer CRM operates company-wide to help unite teams and share data to create a better understanding of every prospect and customer.  With Maximizer CRM software, the needs of every departments can be catered for and everyone’s role can be made easier

From senior management reporting to sales pipeline building from marketing campaigns to customer service case history and much more, Maximixer CRM builds the complete business picture ensuring every department has access to up-to-the-minute information – no-one need ever be uninformed again.


CRM for all vital positions:

                Bullet Point  CRM for You – Senior Management (Business Intelligence)

                Bullet Point  CRM for You – Sales

                Bullet Point  CRM for You – Customer Service & Support

                Bullet Point  CRM for You – Marketing


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