Act! Training

CentrePoint Software has designed a number of courses so you can gain the skills to make the most out of your software and work more effectively and efficiently.

CentrePoint Software work with Act! software every day so we've unrivalled experience and can focus on delivering high quality, effective training.  We pride ourselves in providing first class training.

Courses are presented in language that is clear, jargon-free and easy to understand.

Act Partner
CentrePoint Software are partners in the Act! Channel 
specialising in helping you choose the right Act! Software for your business, implementing it to run your business better and provide ongoing support.


Gold certifiedFrom initial set-up and customisation of your specific needs, CentrePoint
Software have the expertise, experience, and passion to get you up and running effectively - and keep you
running smoothly - earning a Gold Business Partner Certification.


On-Site Training/Health Check

      -  Are you self-taught and want to fill in your knowledge gaps?
      -  Have you inherited an Act! system from a predecessor and want to get to grips with it, or
         check that you are not inheriting issues
      -  Do you want to re-structure your set-up?
      -  Do you want to automate customer/sale reports?

Health Check - we will visit and can almost certainly improve your use of Act! 


To discuss all of your training needs and see how CentrePoint Software can help you contact us on 020 7831 3050


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