Act! Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation refers to technology or software that allows businesses to use smart and automated workflows to enhance productivity and deliver better prospect and customer experience.

Because marketing automation enables you to take prospects and customers along a highly personalised path, you can create a much more dynamic and engaging process based on someone's actions and responses at specific 'trigger points' along their sales journey.

Optimise all the ways you communicate with prospects and customers with Act! Marketing Automation.  You get comprehensive campaign management, a visual workflow designer to map out the perfect customer journey, real-time response metrics, and so much more. 



Key benefits of Act! Marketing Automation

    √  Works with your Act! CRM
    √  Powerful email marketing functionality
    √  Email template builder
    √  Improved social sharing
    √  Landing page and webform data collection
    √  Drip and nurture campaign management
    √  In-depth reporting
    √  Lead Management and scoring
    √  Advance metrics and analytics
    √  Surveys
    √  A/B split testing
    √  Web tracking


Act! Marketing Automation makes it simple to optimise all the ways you communicate with prospects and customers:

Campaign Management

Act retentionOptimise your customer lifecycle from initial engagement to retention and loyalty with automated outreach in each step. 
Act! Marketing Automation can manage response-driven nurture marketing campaigns - all sent to targeted lists in Act! automatically.

Set-up simple ad-hoc email blasts or drip marketing campaigns for one-off or single path communications as needed.

Workflow Designer & Template Builder

Create interesting, mobile-friendly email campaigns with the interactive template editor where you can customise colours and fonts, and add free, high-quality stock photos from a library of over 500,000 options.
Setup custom nurture streams with the visual campaign workflow designer, providing a graphical representation of your communication flow.  Preview email campaigns before sending with both mobile and desktop views to ensure your images and content render perfectly.

Lead Management

Use Act! Marketing Automation's lead scoring capacity to quickly identify your most interested prospects based on their behaviour, responses and website interactions.  With this score you can create a prioritised call list that groups contacts for easier follow up, keeping deals moving forward and closing sales faster.


Act Capturing Leads

CRM Workflow

Because Act! Marketing Automation is a feature in Act!, you can easily automate workflows between the two.  This means up-to-the-minute data about new prospects can be exchanged between sales and marketing teams, enabling you to maximise engagement throughout the customer journey.

Response Metrics

Improve your campaigns with real-time metrics about open and click-through rates, average time spent on a site, top referrers your most effective web pages, visitor bounce rates, traffic sources, entry and exit pages, as well as other metrics.


Act metrics


Your campaigns will reach inboxes, because Act! Marketing Automation is backed by an expert delivery team to help you manage your sender reputation and achieve outstanding delivery rates.  Plus you'll have access to numerous helpful tools for GDPR compliance, spam analysis, managing opt-outs and much more.


Act Growth made easy



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