Act! Link for Accounting

Act! Link for Accounting has been designed to work with the latest editions of Sage 50 Accounts.  This new link will save you and your business time: linking your records together giving your Act! users the ability to view important Accounts information within Act!
Act! linke for accounts
The Act! Link for Accounting is not just a way to view information. 
Act! users that also have access to Sage Accounts can create invoices and sales orders directly from the linked Act! record.

Act! Lock      Keeping Your Data Safe
     Act! Link for Accounting works one way with information being pulled into Act! and
     kept within new 
fields specifically created for the purpose, so your existing data
                 remains safe

Benefits of using Act! Link for Accounting

Act! Data    bullet  Keep Act! records up to date with new Accounts data.  You can use your Accounts
      data to
update standard Act! data such as the Company address.  Don't worry
      though, this is an
individual manual process that can't happen accidentally so your
      data remains safe.

bullet  Link records en-masse with the automatic linking feature!  No need to individually go through one-by-one, the simple automatic link process allows you to link both Companies and Contacts to records in Accounts at the push of a button saving you lots of time and effort.
Act! Search
bullet  Create powerful searches, groups, reports and more within Act! using the accounting data available directly on linked Contact or Company records.

bullet  Created a new Company in Act! and need the same record in Accounts?  No problem!  The new link provides the ability to create new Customers in Accounts by using the data you have already entered into Act!  As the information goes across, the records are also linked in the process.

Act!     bullet  Scheduled automatic updating means that you never need to worry about
        keeping your linked 
records up to date.  The schedule is chosen by you, so can
        happen as often as you like, you're in
full control.

bullet  Buying a new server and worried about moving your data?  Act! Link for Accounting makes it simple to re-link all of your accounts whenever necessary without the danger of losing any data.

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