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Justine Pearson, PIP Organic

Excel in Business


Driving an Entire Business using Maximizer CRM  - “All the required business processes were automated and in place before we started trading.  This allowed both management and staff to focus purely on growing the business rather than being concerned with divisional infrastructure” – Paul Martin, Managing Director, Excel in Business 

Providing excellence to business

Excel in Business is a virtual software and services business founded in 2006.  The company authors Excel based management reporting software for mid-market accounting and CRM applications and is the UK’s number one provider of “out of the box” reporting applications.  The Excel in Business focus is on providing innovative management reporting solutions through it’s A La Carte software suite and associated virtual consulting services. 


Bullet Point  Challenge

To provide a complete, fully integrated CRM solution as part of the business inception that could be customised and grown as needed.  The solution had to handle complex data enquiries with ease and use existing information to update a central database on an ongoing basis.


Bullet Point  Solution

Maximizer software offers and affordable, customisable and user friendly solution.  It was able to provide a comprehensive piece of software, which could be integrated with Excel in Business’ existing systems. 

Maximizer“Maximizer Software’s CRM solution epitomises what CRM should be – a customisable, easy to use, full service offering.”
Paul Martin, Managing Director, Excel in Business 

Key benefits:
An accessible, comprehensive database encompassing customers and 
         business partners
Complete solution to manage all database and information flow that enable
         the company to hit the ground running from its inception with productive
         processes and performance
The company can scale more quickly
Management and staff are able to focus purely on growing the business
         rather than being concerned with the divisional infrastructure


Bullet Point  Results

Excel in Business has successfully launched its business and A La Carte product range and Maximizer’s CRM solution has aided and eased the process by providing and accessible, comprehensive customer database.  Without this in place, Excel in Business would not have been able to commercially operate. 

“Without Maximizer there would be no business.”
Paul Martin, Managing Director, Excel in Business


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