We have benefited tremendously from CentrePoint’s help, learning a great deal under their detailed and concise tuition.

Justine Pearson, PIP Organic

Clearwater Corporate Finance


Based across four offices in Manchester, London, Birmingham and Nottingham, Clearwater Corporate Finance is the UK’s largest independent corporate finance house focused exclusively on unquoted mid-market transactions.  Clearwater is a research-based house with 25 per cent of its staff engaged exclusively in research and deal origination.  Between them the company’s ten partners have personally completed over 300 transactions worth an aggressive value in excess of €4 billion.


Bullet Point  Going it alone

In 2013 Clearwater went through a management buyout.  Prior to the MBO, while the company had to be partially self-sufficient in building and maintaining a pipeline of PNCs (potential new customers), it still had a client base to draw from thanks to its position within a wider professional services business.  However, the following the MBO, the company faced a two-pronged challenge.  Out on its own, it became exclusively responsible for generating its own business.  Plus, since the MBO the company only does lead advisory corporate finance work, which is largely non-recurring.


Bullet Point  Finding the right solution 

To tackle these challenges, Clearwater was keen to implement Maximizer, which it had used prior to the MBO.  However, Maximizer’s web-based solution, regarded by many organisations as an invaluable feature, did not quite fit Clearwater’s purposes due to the normal limitations of a web-based solution.  Step in Maximizer business partner CentrePoint Software.  The firm, responsible for solution implementation, as well as technical support, recommended a system utilising Maximizer’s ‘MaxExchange’ utility. 

“CentrePoint were fantastic in understanding our needs and tailoring the solution for us,” says Clearwater Partner Carl Houghton.  “We didn’t want constant screen refreshes that come with a web-based solution so we have it on all four sites on our own 100MBps network and the data synchronises overnight.  It’s the perfect solution for us.”


Bullet Point  Final Verdict 

MaximizerMaximizer, concludes Carl, has been “invaluable”.  Meanwhile going forward he has no concerns thanks to the comfort zone provided by CentrePoint Software. 

“On the very rare occasions something goes wrong (usually because something else on our network has caused a hiccup) they’re right onto it.  I judge our suppliers as much by how they react when something goes wrong as I do by how often it goes wrong.  CentrePoint Software have certainly provided themselves on that score.”


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