One Posting

Email Invoices with built-in tracking and authorisation 

One Posting logo     With One-Posting Sage 50 Add-on you can send sales
electronically with full tracking.  Once
     configured, One Posting
will sit behind the scenes and
     automatically email your client 
any new Sage 50
     'posted' invoices.

Your client will receive an email notifying them of your invoice, they can then choose to:
          -  print it
          -  electronically accept it
          -  query it

You can monitor this at each step and pre-empt any invoice queries and follow up where an invoice hasn't been opened or accepted.  If your customers want to re-print old invoices, or see if you have received payment they can login to the cloud application and see up to 7 years' worth of invoices and also see if you have received and allocated their payments to you.


To see if One Posting is suitable for your needs contact CentrePoint Software on 020 7831 3050 and we can arrange a demonstration.


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