Upgrading to Sage 200

All businesses are different and change over time; and your software system which was once fit for purpose, may no longer meet your requirements.  If you find that you need more from your software CentrePoint Software can help you find an alternative solution that’s the ideal fit for your business. 


Upgrading from Sage 50 Accounts to Sage 200

Many Sage 50 Accounts users have upgraded their software to meet the needs of their growing business and Sage 200 has been the next natural upgrade route.  CentrePoint software will work with you so you understand the Sage Customer Development Centreadvantages of such an upgrade and we will produce a benefits analysis so a fully informed judgement can be made.  This approach taken by CentrePoint has been recognised by Sage and we have been awarded the accreditation of ‘Sage Customer Development Centre.’

Join CentrePoint on a FREE virtual seminar for a Sage 200 demonstration on Wednesday 3rd February 2021 to see how Sage 200 can fit your business needs
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There are many reasons why you may need to upgrade your Sage 50 Accounts which are:

-  Company growth
-  More complex business processes
-  An increased need for customisation of systems and integration with other software packages
-  A requirement for more depth of financial functionality such as:
     >  Improved management reporting
     >  Advanced handling of foreign currency
     >  Flexible nominal code structure and accounting periods
-  For users of stock control and order processing; storing stock in multiple warehouses and
   batch/serial number processing
-  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality
-  A specialism in a vertical market

Sage 50 Accounts upgrade to Sage 200


Download the Sage 50 to Sage 200 Upgrade Datasheet, for a comprehensive comparison. 




Upgrading from Line 100 / MMS to Sage 200  

Earlier versions of Sage 200 went under the names of Sage Sovereign, Sage Line 100, then Sage MMS, before becoming Sage 200 in spring 2007. 

Line 100 and its predecessors are all based on DOS technology which is increasingly unsupported on modern day hardware and software operating systems.  Sage 200 is built on a solid, modern technology platform, which we believe will help to future proof your business and grow with you. 

There are still many users of the earlier version, and we continue to work with lots of organisations to upgrade them to the latest Sage 200c Pro 2019 Summer Release.   We do this in the most effective way – ensuring that the upgrade is as smooth as possible and that users receive the training they need to make best use of the latest software features

CentrePoint Software run regular workshops to demonstrate Sage 200c Pro 2019 so you can see the new features that are available, and see how they could benefit your organisation.
    'Sage 200 User Group Workshop' - TBC 2020
: FREE user workshop

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Upgrading from other Accounting Systems to Sage 200

Sage 200Many organisations choose to upgrade to Sage 200 from other accounting systems; maybe because they require improved accounting functionality and improved user friendliness.  They will certainly enjoy the benefits of joining the largest accounting system user community in the world. 

We help many users make the transition to Sage 200; we are familiar with all types of migrations that you can be assured the transition will be as seamless as is possible, meaning that it won’t be long before you can benefit from all the features of this market leading accounting software.


If you would like to explore upgrading your current software contact us on 020 7831 3050 or email: info@CentrePointSoftware.co.uk.  From here we can arrange a free Sage 200 demonstration and choose the right software for your needs and start planning your upgrade.



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