Sage 200 Versions

Released by Sage in the 1980’s as Sovereign, this ground-breaking character (DOS) based software set the benchmark for accounting systems in the UK.  Moving forwards the software then progressed through Line 100 versions up to v7.6, before being re-created for ‘Windows’ in Line 100 versions 8.  As the software developed further it was re-named again to Sage MMS (versions 1.0 to 2.3), then underwent a technical update introducing Microsoft SQL Server as its database, this version being Sage MMS version 3.0. 

Beyond Line 100 and MMS, the software was finally renamed Sage 200 and the current version is called Summer 2019.

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CentrePoint Software run regular workshops to demonstrate the latest version of Sage 200 - v2019 Summer Release so you can see the new features that are available, and see how they could benefit your organisation.
   ‘Sage 200 User Group Workshop’ - 2020 TBC

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The table below shows the milestones of the various version releases. 



Key Features

Summer 2019 Enhancement

August 2019

Delivery of automated notifications that Purchase Requisitions are awaiting approval.  Delivery of automated notifications that the supplier bank details have been changed, supporting audit framework and preventing fraud.

Spring 2019 Enhancement

May 2019

Import account record changes and prevent users from changing supplier bank details.  New CentrePoint add-on for auto-analysing purchase invoices to various nominal accounts on pre-set percentages

Winter 2018 Enhancement

February 2019

Attachments to nominal ledger journals and completed VAT returns; audit log records changes to supplier bank details

Sage 200 Summer 2018 Enhancement

September 2018

Attach documents when entering purchase invoices, Sales integration with Paypal, Stripe, and Go-Cardless, and Sales Order cross-selling, suggested and preferred items

Sage 200 Spring 2018 Enhancement

April 2018

Getting ready for GDPR & Making Tax Digital, hide nominal codes, 18 new reports, and other enhancements

Sage 200c Professional, version 2017 (12)

August 2017

Sage's most significant version update since 2010; introduces nominal ledger analysis codes and budget reporting enhancements, a new invoicing module, purchase order requisitions, improvements for web users, and updates in sales, purchase and cash book ledgers

Sage 200, version 2016 (11)

May 2016

Introducing Features as a Service - bank feeds, Sage payments gateway, SagePay features, Sage 200 Excelerator and Sage Inventory Advisor; and support for Microsoft Office 2016

Sage 200, version 2015 (10) 

April 2015 

Brand new look and feel to Sage 200 with improved speed, updated IT compatibilities, graphical summary screens, settlement discount legislative update, fixed assets, and nominal ledger improvements. 

Sage 200, version 2013 (9) 

September 2013 

Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012, Microsoft Office 2013 & Microsoft Office 365 32-bit & 64-bit.  Workspaces and designer updated - Workspaces do/can replace lists and some enquiry screens.  Short term cash flow projection 

Sage 200, version 2011 (8) 

May 2011

New Web Time & Expenses / Self Service module, integration with iPhone and iPad, Project Accounting and Bill of Material enhancements, and for CRM new and improved E-marketing and other functionality enhancements 

Sage 200, version 2010 (7) 

July 2010 

Support for Windows 7 & 64-bit client operating systems: introduction of Sage 200 Mobile, new report designer, VAT on-line submissions, Purchase Order Authorisation process with integration with emails, new Bill of Materials module, and numerous enhancements throughout the financial, commercial, workspaces and CRM modules.

Sage 200 Business Intelligence for Commercials 

November 2009 

Business Intelligence now included as a standard module and enhanced for reporting from the Commercial modules 

Sage 200, version 2009 SP1 

June 2009

Emailing of supplier remittances with electronic payment processing.  Introduction of CentrePoint standard developments for enhanced purchase invoice duplicate number validation and credit control next action date

Sage 200, version 2009 (6) 

January 2009 

Support for Windows Server 2008 & 64-bit server operating system / database, introduction of Workspace Designer and various enhancements through the financial, commercial and CRM modules 

Sage 200 Business Intelligence 


Sage 200 Business Intelligence module released, providing report designer functionality within Excel. ideal for creating profit & loss and balance sheet reports in Excel 

Sage 200, version 5 

December 2007 

Support for Microsoft Vista operating system and enhancements to Sage 200 CRM 

Sage 200, version 4.1 

July 2007

Introduction of Sage 200 CRM and Web Time & Expenses Module 

Sage 200,  version 4 

March 2007 

Introduction of Project Accounting and many new features throughout the Commercial elements 

MMS, version 3.5 

May 2006

Further enhancements throughout the software 

MMS, version 3 

October 2005

Microsoft SQL Server database introduced; improved user navigation and information views, and enhancements throughout all financial and commercial modules 

MMS, version 2 

August 2004 

Improved Commercial functionality, such as stock control and order processing 

MMS, version 1 

April 2002

Improved Windows development with enhanced financial analysis and reporting

Line 100, version 8.0 to 8.5

1999 - 2001

Introduction of Windows based architecture

Sovereign & Line 100, up to version 7.6

1988 – 2003

The last version of the character based Line 100 system was version 7.6

Line 100, version 8.0 to 8.5

1999 – 2001

Introduction of Windows based architecture


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