Sage 200 Subscription

Sage 200 on premise is available on a subscription basis - Sage 200 Subscription: giving you flexibility on pricing whilst managing your finances and customers in one solution.

Sage 200 Subscription is full of tools that you can use straight away to help you run your business smartly and efficiently.  Sage 200 Subscription is modular, so you choose the elements you need when you need them and add others as your business develops.

There are no upfront software costs, and a monthly subscription payment structure allows you to benefit from all the features in Sage 200 on premise whilst choosing a payment plan to suit your needs.

There are a huge range of choices available to allow businesses with specific needs to pick up and choose the modules relevant to their business.                 


Sage 200 Subscription Modules:

     Sage 200 Financials (includes Business Intelligence) - The essential financials package to
     manage your cashflow with the 4 key ledgers

     Sage 200 CRM - For sales and marketing automation, pipeline management and marketing

     Sage 200 Commercials - Stock, POP and SOP, price lists, price book and managing your supply

     Sage 200 Project Accounting - For managing projects and customer/supplier relationships.  
     View profitability and easily view costs v budgets at a glance

     Sage 200 Web Timesheets and Expenses - Enter, print and authorise timesheets and expenses
     online.  Links with Sage Payroll

     Sage 200 Bill of Materials - For simple manufacturing processess

     Sage 200 Manufacturing - For complex manufacturing processess - full Manufacturing Resource
     Planning solution


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