Sage 200 - Price

Sage 200 is modular so you can choose the modules you need, the number of user licences you require, and the support you want.  Modules and user licences can be added as your business develops.  There are a number of combinations which affect the pricing of Sage 200:

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Sage 200 Modules

Sage 200 Core Modules:

      -  Sage 200 Financials (includes Business Intelligence) - The essential financials package to
         manage your cashflow with the 4 key ledgers 

      -  Sage 200 CRM - For sales and marketing automation, pipeline management and marketing


Sage 200 Additional Modules:

      -  Sage 200 Commercials - Stock, POP and SOP, price lists, price book and managing your
         supply chain  

      -  Sage 200 Project Accounting - For managing projects and customer/supplier relationships.  
         View profitability and easily view costs v budgets at a glance 

      -  Sage 200 Web Timesheets and Expenses - Enter, print and authorise timesheets and
         expenses online.  Links with Sage Payroll 

      -  Sage 200 Bill of Materials - For simple manufacturing processes 

      -  Sage 200 Manufacturing - For complex manufacturing processes - full Manufacturing
         Resource Planning solution

Sage User Licences

Sage 200 user licences operate on a concurrent basis and can be added when needed.  There are three types of licence available: Finance, CRM or Suite licences.  The type of licence you need depends on which modules a user may need access to.  Speak to us to see which type of user licence will be most cost effective. 


Sage 200 Support

CentrePoint provide a dedicated, qualified, and every experienced support team to resolve issues and help our users to get the most out of their systems.  Our support team will take ownership of your problems and work hard to remedy these in an efficient manner.  Having over 900 satisfied customers we pride ourselves on our successful approach in getting most out of your software.


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