Sage 200 CRM

Sage 200 CRM – Managing your customers

Because Sage 200 works together with your accounting and stock processes, you get an informed view of the customer, helping you deliver joined up customer service throughout the whole of your business.  Sage 200 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enables you to offer the highest quality of service and support.


  • Build strong customer relationships

Maintain one view of information about your customers, including financial, commercial and communications information.  Giving everyone in your business the same view of the customer, helping all of your teams provide consistent and effective customer service 

  • Manage customer services

With a unified customer view, Sage 200 can help you quickly respond to customer enquiries and track communications.  If there is a question or issue that isn’t followed up the system can automatically notify someone to make sure nothing gets lost between the cracks. 

  • Find the answers quickly

Within Sage 200 you can build a central knowledge bank containing answers to known issues or questions, so your customer services team can quickly find the information the customer needs. 

  • Monitor customer service performance

Sage 200 helps you measure customer service levels with detailed reports which can show call volumes, case resolution times, communications and follow up statistics.  You can show your customers how you are performing against service level agreements with easy to understand graphical and visual reports. 

  • An informed view of the customer

Sage 200 brings together financial and commercial information together with customers’ data, so everyone in your business gets a complete picture of the service you offer.


Sage 200 CRM – Managing your sales and marketing

Sage 200 gives your sales and marketing team’s access to complete customer information so they can do their job effectively.  Sage 200 CRM provides up to date performance and pipeline data to help you accurately identify and target new customers, and better take care of those you already have.  Sage 200 CRM also provides powerful tools for marketing teams to plan, execute and audit highly targeted marketing campaigns.  With a clear understanding of your customers’ needs, you can improve lead quality and drive higher conversion rates.


  • Optimise your marketing activity

-  With Sage 200 CRM you can get the right message to the right people at the right time, and plan, execute and measure targeted campaigns.

-  Manage all your customer details including transaction history, multiple contact details and phone numbers.

-  Track the success of your campaigns with pin-point accuracy, and generate accurate return on investment information.

-  Use customer insights to help you retain customers cross sell and up-sell by marketing the most of the powerful, flexible customer and prospect profiling tools. Easily create e-marketing campaigns with a range of templates to get you started.

-  Help your sales team achieve their targets with tools to create, track and monitor leads and pipeline.

-  With automated workflow and pipeline management tools, make sure opportunities are quickly progressed

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