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Sage 200 Add-ons & Integrations

CentrePoint Software is a registered Sage Development Centre and creates many Sage 200 user specific add-ons and enhancements, ensuring that the software is best aligned to users own specific needs and requirements.

Sage Customer Development CentreOur in-house development team can create specific add-on functionality to users’ own requirements.  Where necessary, CentrePoint Software will assess with you the benefits of such an add-on, and consider the future impact that any development may have on the core, standard software.  Sage have specifically designed Sage 200 to accommodate development  that will work seamlessly with the product but NOT compromise the software by having an adverse effect on future version upgrades

FREE Add-ons for CentrePoint Supported Sage 200 Users
        -  Report Console
Nominal Ledger
        -  Enhanced Nominal Journal Import 
Purchase Ledger
        -  Enhanced Purchase Invoice & Credit Note Duplicate Number Check
        -  Amend Supplier Bank Details Restriction 
        -  Purchase Invoice & credit URN Pop-Up
        -  Purchase Invoice/Credit Entry Screen for VAT-Nominal Analysis
Sales Ledger
        -  Enhanced Sales Ledger Invoice and Credit Note Duplicate Number Check
Cash Book
        -  Nominal Payments & Receipts URN Pop-up

Other Standard CentrePoint Add-ons for Supported Users
Cash Book
        -  Import Transactions - £750 one-off and free support
Purchase Order Processing
        -  Internal Delivery Addresses - £450 one-off and free support

Free and Standard Add-ons - License Information
The CentrePoint Software Free and Standard Sage 200 Add-ons are only licensed to be used by users with an active Sage 200 annual support service from CentrePoint Software; users who do not have an on-going support with us are not licensed to use these programs.


bullet  Report Console
A free reporting tool to share and distribute your Sage information around the organisation.  Report Console allows any person in the organisation (security allowing) to run any Sage report, with the standard drill-down and expert features, without taking up a Sage user licence.  

bullet  Enhanced Nominal Journal Import
A more user friendly and improved option for importing journals to nominal ledger, enhanced in 2016 to include reverse journal posting option 

bullet  Enhanced Purchase Invoice & Credit Note Duplicate Number Check
An improved and automated process for the validation of duplicate purchase invoice and credit note numbers

bullet  Amend Supplier Bank Details Restriction
Restrict certain users from being able to change supplier bank details (these details are used by payment processing when transmitting files to your bank to make payments)  

bullet  Purchase Invoice & Credit URN Pop-Up
When entering a purchase ledger invoice or credit note the URN (unique reference number) pops up so it can be noted on the invoice or credit note 

bullet  New Purchase Invoice/Credit Entry Screen for VAT-Nominal Analysis
Typically used by Charities or organisations that require specific VAT analysis:  Standard Sage 200 does not provide cross-reference of the invoice VAT total and the nominal analysis applied to the transaction; this screen resolves this by bringing together the VAT and nominal analysis for reporting purposes  

bullet  Enhanced Sales Ledger Invoice and Credit Note Duplicate Number Check
An improved and automated process for the validation of duplicate sales invoice and credit note numbers 

bullet  Nominal Payments & Receipts URN Pop-Up
When entering nominal payments & receipts, via cash book or nominal ledger, the URN (unique reference number) pops up so it can be note.  

bullet  Cash Book Import Transactions
A popular add-on, used to import transactions into Cash Book module, in turn updating nominal ledger and VAT
£750 one-off, support is free 

bullet  Purchase Order Processing Internal Delivery Addresses
Saves keying in internal delivery addresses by allowing them to be selected from a drop-down list
£450 one-off, support is free


Sage 200 Integrations & Developments

Sage has been very clever with the development of Sage 200 and has allowed us the capability to integrate Sage 200 with other systems that the organisation might already have, such as: fundraising system in a charity, a web site that takers orders, or maybe a time recording or job management system. 

The integrations can be two-way; so Sage 200 can automatically receive data from other systems, or provide data to them, removing the need for data re-keying, which takes time and effort and can also compromise the integrity of data between the various systems in place.

CentrePoint Software has great expertise in working out with you the appropriate flow of data around your organisation and embedding Sage 200 into that process. 


Having an in-house development team CentrePoint can provide tailored enhancements, additions and integrations for Sage software. 

To discuss your own specific needs, find out what might be possible or to arrange a Sage 200 Demo contact us on 020 7831 3050.


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