Act! Pro & Act! Premium

There are two versions of Act! to choose from:

          Bullet Point  Act! Pro

          Bullet Point  Act! Premium

Each version has different features to manage different size/types of businesses.  You can contact our experienced consultants on  020 7831 3050 to discuss your needs to see which version is the right fit for your business. 


          Bullet Point  Act! Pro
Platform: Windows® 

Act! gives the power to see a 360-degree view of all customers, companies and relationships so you can be better prepared and focused on providing a unique customer experience.  You’ll be able to quickly spot new opportunities and smoothly start or engage in relevant conversations – becoming a trusted expert to help you successfully close more deals. 

Act! Pro ProductAct! Pro:
   √  Designed for individuals and teams for up to 10 users
   √  It will help you get organised – giving you a single view of your customer and
       contact information, emails, meeting notes, activities, history and to-dos.
   √  Seamlessly interacts with Microsoft®, Outlook®, Google®, LinkedIn® and more



          Bullet Point  Act! Premium
Platform: Windows®, Web, and Mobile 

Act! helps organise all your prospect and customer details in one place and market your products and services more effectively, driving sales reults while creating customers for life.  And if you work on a team that needs to stay in sync, Act! Premium has you covered with mobile access. 

Act! Prem ProductAct! Premium:
   √  Designed for teams of up to 10 or more users
   √  It will help you get organised – giving you a single view of your customer
       contact information, emails, meeting notes, activities, history and to-dos.
   √  Seamlessly interacts with Microsoft® Outlook®, Google®, LinkedIn® and more.
   √  Increase productivity with team-based functionality and shared access to a
       central database from Windows® and the web.
   √  Stay connected to your business from your iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device
       with Act! Premium Mobile2 – included with your purchase.


Compare Act! Pro & Act! Premium – The Key Differentiators 

Act! Pro (v17)

Act! Premium (v17) 

Recommended for Individuals


  -  Contacts, Groups & Companies


  -  Notes & History


  -  Opportunity Tracking


  -  Outlook, Google, and Social Integration


  -  Integrated Emarketing Services1


  -  Best Practice Process Automation


  -  Dashboards & Reports


  -  Mobile and Marketplace Solutions Available2


Recommended for Teams


  -  Team Access to a Central Database via Windows, Web,
     and Mobile


  -  Group Scheduling


  -  Group Dashboards and Reports


  -  Enhanced Security Settings


  -  Advanced Admin Options


  -  HTML5-based Mobile Included2


  -  Hosting Options Available 


1For Act! emarketing: Basic account included (email up to 500 contacts per month)  Product Features vary based on services chosen.
2Act! Premium Mobile requires set-up and configuration of Act! Premium (access via web).  Data access available Internet connection from supported device browsers.


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