Act! emarketing

Act! emarketing logoEmail marketing is proven to be one of the most cost effective and timely
ways of targeting your customers and prospects.  Act! emarketing is a
simple and affordable way to target the people you know with the right message at the right time via email and social media.  It provides you with robust reporting tools so you can see exactly what’s happening.  From open rates and clicks to bounce, opt-outs and social shares.  Act! emarketing helps you sell more takes the guesswork out of who to call, meet or tweet.


Integrates with your Act! Software
   -  Easily access contacts, lookups, groups and companies from within your Act! software enabling you to quickly
      build target email lists.
View email analytics and results for each contact record within Act!
Take notes, view complete history, and edit contact details to keep your data up-to-date – no synching,
      re-keying, uploading or downloading needed.


Make the most of Act! Capabilities
   -  View contacts, lookups, groups and companies from within Act! to create targeted email lists
Access your emarketing results on each contact record within Act!
Look at the complete history, and edit contact details to keep your data up-to-date – no synching, uploading
      or downloading needed.


Send Emails Confidently
   -  With hints and tips on deliverability you can ensure your message gets to the inbox
   -  As a permission-based email provider, Act! emarketing provides best practices for acquiring new contacts and
      strategies on how to get them.
   -  Send personalised emails straightaway or schedule them for future delivery   

Act! emarketing reports


    Measure more Results
       -  Reports at your fingertips – including opens, clicks, and
          bounces – to better understand your recipients
Improve future emails based on previous results


Intelligent Call Lists1
Find out exactly what happened after your email was sent, including open rates, clicks, bounces, opt-outs, and more in easy-to-analyse graphs and detailed reports.  Use learnings to continuously improve your message.  These results can also be recorded in Act! history so you can make sure future communications reach the right people.  

Prioritised Follow-up
View a prioritised list of recipients organised by level of interaction – allowing you to view and contact those who are most interested in your message – right from within Act!  

Act! emarketing call listsOrganising Your Leads
   -  Enable Call Lists at time of send or anytime afterwards to get dynamic,
      up-to-date interaction information
View Call Lists for each of your campaigns, or combine the hottest leads
      from all of your campaigns into one.
Review results for all Call List or for campaigns over a specified time frame. 


Sleek Template Editor
It’s simple and economical to create professional looking emails with the drag-and-drop template editor.  Design your own or customise one of the 100+ provided templates to send the perfect email campaign  

Create more Effective Email Templates
   -  With 100’s of customisable email templates provided, you will be sure to find one that fits your business
      requirements or simply import you own HTML files
Customising your email template is simple with the intuitive template editor
Mobile-friendly templates offer maximum readability on mobile devices


Host & Share Your Media
   -  Ensure customers notice your message with personalisation options like dynamic data integration and
      attention-grabbing images
Upload and host images and documents that can be used to personalise your emails
Easily share images and documents in your email campaigns by embedding or linking to your host library


Contact us on 020 7831 3050 or email: to see if Act! emarketing is suitable for your business.  Our software experts can arrange a web demonstration if required.


1Additonal fee applies

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